Amadeus API

  Code List


Service requests.
Codeset 9962.
List of valid codes

Code Description
FQTS Frequent flyer service request
FQTR Frequent flyer mileage program redemption
FPML Fruit platter
EXST Extra seat
DEPU Deportee, unaccompanied
DEPA Deportee accompanied by an escort
DEAF Deaf ( with or without guide dog)
DBML Diabetic meal
COUR Commercial courier
CKIN Information for airport personnel
CHML Child meal
CBBG Cabin baggage
BULK Bulky baggage
BSCT Bassinet/Carry cot/Baby basket.
FRAV First available
FRAG Fragile baggage
FQTV Frequent flyer mileage program accrual
FQTU Frequent flyer upgrade and accrual
HMFL High fiber meal
GRPS Passengers travelling together using a common identity.
GRPF Group fare
LFML Low cholesterol
LCML Low calorie meal
LANG Languages spoken
KSML Kosher meal
HNML Hindu meal
MOML Moslem meal
MEDA Medical case
MAAS Meet and assist
LSML Low sodium, no salt added meal
LPML Low protein meal
NSST No smoking seat
NSSB No smoking bulkhead seat
NSSA No smoking aisle seat
NLML Non lactose meal
NAME Name - when airline holds reservations under a different name
PETC Animal in cabin
PCTC Emergency contact details
OTHS Other service not specified by any other SSR code
ORML Oriental meal
NSSW No smoking window seat
SMSW Smoking window seat
SMST Smoking seat
SMSB Smoking bulkhead seat
SMSA Smoking aisle seat
SLPR Bed/Berth in cabin
SFML Sea food meal
SEMN Seaman - ship's crew
SEAT Pre-reserved seat with boarding pass issued or to be issued
RVML Raw vegetarian meal
RQST Seat request - include seat number preference
PSPT Passport
PRML Low Purim meal
TWOV Transit or transfer without visa
TKTL Ticket time limit
TKNM Ticket number in FH element
TKNC Ticket number in transmission
TKNA Ticket number in FA element
STCR Stretcher passenger
SPML Special meal
SPEQ Sports equipment
XBAG Excess baggage
WCOB Wheelchair - on board
WCMP Wheelchair - manual power (US carriers only)
WCHS Wheel chair up and down steps
WCHR Wheelchair - for ramp
WCHC Wheelchair - all the way to seat
WCBW Wheelchair
WCBD Wheelchair - dry cell battery
VLML Vegetarian meal (lacto-ovo)
VGML Vegetarian meal (non-diary)
UMNR Unaccompanied minor